Foot of the Hill Designs

Foot of the Hill Designs


Happy Hooking  🍄

💗Working on now 💗
💗Working on now 💗

My Crochet 

People tell me I should sell my Crochet ..well truth be told 

so far everything I make is being snapped up by family and friends 

maybe one day I may be able too ..if so it will be here LOL 

I LOVE making bags and blankets at the moment and I have a list a mile long what I want to make 

I adore Attic24 , SweetPeaFamily Crochet , Outstanding Crochet 

but to name a few 

and when I’m not crocheting now ..or making dolls shoes ..I’m knitting socks , I love knitting socks and fairisle hats ! (Keps) 

Occasionally I make these wonderful Nusse -dukke Lene crochet dolls 

the original pattern designer is the lovely Tina Christensen 

check out her Facebookgroup Nusse-dukke Lene ❤️ Her patterns are available on Ravelry  

they are normally made from cotton and do take me days 

But I try to make them just that little bit special 

I put a crochet tab on the back of the head so they hang up 

Frieda looked amazing 

I love making them …and my grandkids love them too ❤️

Paul’s hooks
Paul’s hooks

My Happy Hooks 💚❤️💜💙

I always use furls streamline hooks as I have arthritis and they are the only hook I can use without pain 

..Over the past year ..I accumulated a box full off clover , tulip , Prym , knit pro. Hooks all I couldn’t used 

And when I want to use a small gauge hook ..I’m in trouble 

so …after Paul’s amazing dolls house build in lockdown ..I asked him if he could make me a light , long , ergonomic handle for my hooks 

which he did …and the results are awesome ! 

I stained them or painted them and gave them a couple of coats of varnish

they are smooth and comfy them 

he is my hero 

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