Foot of the Hill Designs

Foot of the Hill Designs


Rag dolls and Humpty 

One for me and one for my shop ❤️

Feeling a little nostalgic I wanted to recreate from my childhood 

2 of my favourite characters 

a Rag doll and Humpty Dumpty 

I always wanted this guy when my Mother bought me this book as a child 

and the rag doll is an adaptation from a beautiful cloth doll pattern Holly from Raggy dolls Design 

Please note ..these are Collectables , they do not have a CE certificate 

they are made using vintage and new fabrics 

and I’m not sure if some of the vintage fabrics I’m using would stand up to being played with x

Humpty £40.00 plus postage ( I will have to get one boxed and weighed 

Jemima ...£35.00 

I a working on 2 more at the moment , they will be finished soon 

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